Smart Living

5 Reasons Why YOU Should Start Cooking for Yourself

October 18, 2017
Living independently has its perks. You get to pursue your passions and enjoy a lifestyle at your own terms. However, living carelessly can take a toll on your health if...
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5 great tips to create an allergy-proof home

October 5, 2017
Is your throat itchy? Do you sneeze a lot? Does your head feel ‘stuffy’ lately? You probably have an allergy. The common misconception, though, is that allergies are triggered because...
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Top 5 beneficial plants and herbs you can grow from your condo

September 27, 2017
Indoor gardening is a growing trend right now plus it’s fun and can yield pretty useful results in the process. You can easily transform a small space in your condo,...
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5 must-have apps for the busy condo dwellers

September 8, 2017
Condo living offers a lot of perks to professionals who are always on the go. It provides easy-access to offices, restaurants, entertainment centers and of course, schools (see RSG St...
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