August 13, 2020


Honeycomb Builders Inc. (HBI) Collaborates with Lamudi, The No. 1 Real Estate Partner in the Philippines


The pandemic has affected our society on so many levels. During this time of uncertainty, one may feel skeptic about investing in real estate because of varying reasons. Real estate investment seems to be a luxury to many Filipinos especially nowadays when levels of anxiety and unpredictability are at an all-time high. One can argue that it is wiser to invest in something that is cheaper, easier and more practical like saving to a bank deposit, purchasing a car and investing in something that is more affordable and attainable. However, if you’ll look at it closely, real estate investment offers both luxury and practicality. Real estate is a sound investment not only because it serves its intended purpose as a shelter but also the value of it appreciates over time. Having a good property gives you and your family long-term security. Given the current situation wherein all are required to stay at home, there is a strong demand of owning one.


To have an easier and more efficient way of searching for the right real estate to invest in, Honeycomb Builders, Inc., known for its pioneering “patented loft design”, partners with Lamudi, an online real estate website which focuses primarily on arising markets. This merging aims to develop a more accessible way of presenting the benefits and features of HBI’s functional units. With the emergence of digital marketing, HBI decides to partner with Lamudi because of the latter’s compelling reputation in the real estate digital marketing landscape.


The partnership also intends to keep up with the gradual transition to a more effective marketing approach:  from traditional to digital. HBI believes that through this approach, it will be easier and more practical to orient people with what real estate investment can offer to them. Everything that one needs to know about HBI’s unit offers will be listed on the site for the convenience of existing real estate and would-be investors.


Truly, this partnership of HBI and Lamudi proves that luxury is never compromised with practicality. Hand in hand, these two will take your real estate mindset to a whole new level.

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