The Benefits of Living in a Condo Over Dormitories

February 15, 2017

RSG St. Scho ResiDens

What you Need to Know as Parent
Many parents are willing to spend just to give their kids a wonderful and convenient life. They work so hard to send their children to college. And in the recent years, more and more parents are choosing condo over dormitories for their children as a second home in college. It’s because they believe that their children deserve to live a more comfortable life and therefore, they are willing to rent or buy affordable condo for sale in the Philippines.

So for parents who really do care and love their children, here are the awesome advantages of living in condominiums over dormitories when they are in college.

Close Proximity to School
One of the most common problems of students is tardiness. For college students, it’s very important to meet deadlines so it is an advantage when they are living near school. There’s also a big possibility that they can graduate on time!

RSG St. Scho Residens is a good place to be a home for college students because it is strategically located near the popular universities in Manila such as DLSU Taft, College of St. Benilde, and St. Scholastica’s College. It is a 13-storey boutique condominium located at 2680 Arellano Ave., corner Zobel Roxas St. Manila.

You don’t have to bring your home’s sofa or their sister’s bed when your children live in a fully-furnished condo. A fully-furnished condo has bed, drawers, television, dining table, chairs, bathroom accessories and other basic housewares. With this, you don’t need to worry about bringing a lot of stuff for your children.

Cook Meals
Most dormitories and boarding houses won’t allow their borders to cook meals. They have small spaces so they do not allow students to install stoves and other cooking equipment. But when they live in a condo, they have the privilege to cook their own meals. Yes, they can eat in any restaurant but it will also eat up their budget for the month. So it’s better to stay at home and practice what you taught them in the kitchen!

As college students, they cannot avoid going home late. Sometimes, they have to stay late at the library to finish a project or report or they need to have a group review. And it’s a big headache when they are in a dorm because it has curfew hours and they don’t get to own the key to the dorm. So as a result, they have to go home early or they will sleep outside. So having a freedom from curfew is a big relief. And they can only experience it when they are in a condo.

And you can also visit your children whenever you miss them and maybe cook some of their favorite food. Condo living also means more bonding time with your loved ones!

Students don’t have to worry anymore about safety issues. Their laptop where their thesis and other reports are saved won’t be stolen from them when they live in a condo because condominiums have 24/7 security. They have professional security guards, CCTV cameras and biometric-enabled entry so only the residents can go in and out of the condominium.

You know how hard it is to live with the people you just met. Typical dorms have cramped spaces and only offer bunk beds. So how can you possibly store all their things with a small space? Good to know that there are condos with loft design. Your children have more space and more privacy for themselves.  With condo, they own the space.  They can also have the freedom to organize and store all their things in their unit. Let them have a space-smart condo living and create their own style with their own space.

With a lot of problems and stress that students encounter from school, it’s a big help if they have time to enjoy themselves.  And here are a number of amenities that they would get when they live in a condo that they would not possibly get when they live in a dorm. For example, RSG has swimming pool, jacuzzi, trellis & bar, sky garden and many more that would help them enlighten their day from a stressful exam or report. With just a little time for themselves (because of the acads), it’s good to know that all of these are just near their home – a few steps from their room. So what are you waiting for? Let them experience a high-quality condo living with this affordable condo for sale.

Buying a condo as a second home is a great investment and amazing experience for your students. Give them a more comfortable life. Get them a unit so they can focus more with their studies.

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