Soar High and Achieve Your Dream Condo Here at RSG Aguila ResiDens

February 23, 2017

RSG Aguila ResiDens Loft

Like an Eagle which is a symbol of power, freedom and excellence, RSG Aguila Residens assures clients that they only get excellent and high quality condominium for an affordable price. So if you dream of owning a condo, make sure that it has all the best qualities that deserve your effort and money’s worth.

Make sure to get the best quality when it comes to condo. Here are the amazing property features of RSG Aguila ResiDens that you will surely be proud of when you own a piece of it.

Students don’t have to worry anymore about safety issues. Your laptop where your thesis and other reports are saved won’t be stolen from you when you are living in a condo because RSG has a 24/7 security. They have professional security guards and CCTV cameras so only the residents can go in and out of the condominium.

It’s also less hassle for your commute or drive because it’s near to some of the colleges and universities in Manila such as National Teacher’s College (.27 km), MLQU, (22 km), San Sebastian College (.4 km), Manuel L.Quezon University (.22 km), Centro Escolar University (.75 km), and Far Eastern University (1.2 km).  So you can travel less and sleep  more soundly in your condo knowing that you can still make it on time

You don’t also need to worry if you don’t have a car because LRT Legarda is just less than a kilometer  (.75 km) from your condo. With this, you can save gas, money and time.  And if you are bored and just want to hang out, in just a few minutes you can visit  SM Manila (1.3 km), Ever Gotesco (.85 km), Isetann Recto (1.3 km) and meet some of your friends. Make life more convenient with this affordable condo for sale

Swimming is a good way to relax your mind and body especially when you are stressed with work or with people. Good thing, this condo  for sale in the Philippines has a flowing water lap pool which you can enjoy with friends or alone.  Enjoy a pool full of happiness!

Value for Money
When you buy a condo in RSG Aguila ResiDens, you are sure that it’s worth your money because it has fully furnished condo unit with two bedrooms for the price of a studio – less than 2 million. You don’t have to bring in a lot of stuff because it has all the necessary things you need in your new home. But if you still want to, you have a lot of space for your important belongings.

Achieve your dream condo here at RSG Aguila ResiDens, just click here to get more info!


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