The RSG Boutique Condo

August 11, 2016

Space-Smart Design
Honeycomb Builders pioneered the Space-Smart condo design in the Philippines. Our units come with patented loft bedrooms with half-stairs features that incorporate space-saving storage solutions to maximize every inch of space. Through this design, we are able to offer 2-bedroom condo units for the standard price of a studio unit.

Fully-Furnished Package
To make things sweeter for our buyers, we offer fully-furnished promos that include items like aircon, washing machine, TV, sofa, chandelier, mattresses, and bathtub.

Efficient Unit Features
A cool ducting system is installed in each unit to provide centralized air conditioning. You can choose to direct the cool air to the living room, bedroom or both.

At the toilet & bath, water used for washing hands is recycled for flushing through a built-in lavatory.

All-Steel and Concrete Structure

Our building structure is made of steel beams, columns and concrete designed to withstand an intensity 8+ earthquake.

The unit partitions are all pre-fabricated modular Plas-Walls with reinforced concrete – an efficient technology of building that is twice as fast as the traditional method.

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