Top 5 beneficial plants and herbs you can grow from your condo

September 27, 2017
herbs plant - Honeycomb Builders Inc

Indoor gardening is a growing trend right now plus it’s fun and can yield pretty useful results in the process. You can easily transform a small space in your condo, preferably near a window, into a mini-gardening space. To get you started, here are some plants and herbs to jumpstart your indoor gardening project. ALOE […]

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5 must-have apps for the busy condo dwellers

September 8, 2017
Social Blocks

Condo living offers a lot of perks to professionals who are always on the go. It provides easy-access to offices, restaurants, entertainment centers and of course, schools (see RSG St Scho Residens). It also gives people the option to live in prime locations without losing that homey feeling. However, just like any home, there are […]

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Common Real Estate Terms You Need To Know

August 28, 2017

  It is important to have some basic understanding of real estate concepts before investing in condominiums and house & lots in the Philippines. This way, you’ll have some peace of mind that you’re making the right decision before investing your hard earned money. So we’ve prepared for you a list of terms to guide […]

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5 Reasons It’s Time to Consider Investing in a Condo

July 29, 2017
Happy couple - condo living

Condominiums have turned out to be a practical option for people looking for convenience, especially for those who work in the busy cities of the metro and for students who study in the universities of Metro Manila. So if you’re one of those looking to invest in a space of your own, we’ve listed 5 […]

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HBI honors Fathers with #ThanksDad Photo Contest

July 12, 2017
Winners of the #thanksdad photocontest

  In line with its core principle of promoting family spirit, Honeycomb Builders Inc. (HBI) spearheaded a #ThanksDad Photo Contest to all employees and sellers last June 11 in celebration of Fathers Day. Participants from various departments sent in their entries of thank you message together with a picture of their dad. The top 3 […]

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Fostering Family-Spirit with HBI

June 21, 2017
HBI Company Outing 2017

Honeycomb Builders Inc. (HBI) employees enjoyed a fun and exciting weekend together in its Annual Outing at Canyon Cove, Batangas last May 5-6, 2017. Team games and recreational activities were prepared by the Human Resources Department to foster camaraderie and family spirit among the employees. This joyous event was attended by HBI’s President and CEO, […]

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5 Useful hacks to Cut Down Monthly Expenses

June 20, 2017
Coins and Pens

Here are some tips that we could all use to cut down on some of the unnecessary expenses which we seem to overlook every month. Even something as simple as refraining from your favorite store-bought drink will go a long way in saving money. Read down below to see all the practical tips on how […]

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5 Things You Learn When Live Independently

May 21, 2017
Moving in

Choosing to live life independently can possibly be the most adult thing there is. People who have been living alone know all too well that it’s not always about the ‘You-can-do–whatever-you-want-whenever-you-want’ kind of life. But it’s also about keeping in mind that liberty is also responsibility. Are you planning to step into this new phase? […]

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10 Tips to Maximize and Improve your Condo Space

April 29, 2017
Living room

Congratulations on your new condo unit! You have now unlocked the badge of independence. You’re now living on your own terms, free from either your in-laws or your land lord. The next step is designing your condo to achieve the comfort level you need to excel in your daily tasks. To help you get started, […]

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