August 10, 2020


What legacy will I be remembered after leaving this world?”, has always been a question to everyone. In the case of Mr. Reynaldo S. Guevara, late Chairman and Founder of Honeycomb Builders, Inc., it is like reading the books of Mitch Albom – motivating and inspirational. To begin with, RSG or RS as most people call him graduated from Fordham University with a Physics degree, and specialized in research and development. He has a passion in entrepreneurship guided by his father, the great Domingo M. Guevara, the founder of RadioWealth, the local pioneer in electronics in the 1950s.


In a rare interview of Entrepreneur Magazine with RSG last 2013, we dig deeper on the topics of his personal influences, business principles, and his advices to aspiring entrepreneurs.


On his father’s influence: 


“Dad (Domingo M. Guevara) started it all. He set up his businesses when he was still a young man, at yung napalago niya to become Radiowealth, and ako even before I graduated from college, we would go to Radiowealth and work with the company. Going to the factory or the office became a way of life.


During the summer when most of our classmates would be going to Baguio, we would still stay here and go up there only in the last two weeks of vacation. We were at the office for six weeks, working or observing.”


“You have to be fair to the customer. You have to give them an honest product for their money; it has to be worth it.


On his guiding principle in business:


“You have to be fair to the customer. You have to give them an honest product for their money; it has to be worth it. Kung hindi, you will just get into trouble. And in all your dealings, you must be fair in that whatever you are getting from them, they match, kasi kung nalalamangan one or the other, that will not work, mag-aaway kayo. Of course, quality. My father used to say,


“Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”


Advice for entrepreneurs just starting out:


“Hard work, dedication, fairness. Fairness is the foundation, hard work is needed, you cannot take it easy, something is bound to fail when you don’t take it seriously. Dedication and hard work, another word for them is passion. So if you are a would-be entrepreneur and you have fairness and passion, chances are you will succeed.


My father also used to say, ‘An entrepreneur never retires, he just sticks around.”


On making it last:


“Life is a continuing lesson. There is no sure-fire formula. Except for the grace of God, we could have ended up, I could have ended up out there in the corner, and it has happened to many people. They were millionaires in their lifetimes but they died paupers. In history you’ll find a lot of them. So for me I’m grateful and always cognizant of that, by the grace of God, I’m able to talk here, enjoying the peace and prosperity that has accrued over the years.”


These principles he honed through the years became his legacy passed on to people he talked and worked with. His passion for innovation and growth as an individual had pondered positively like a pandemic throughout the companies he led and carried on his shoulders.


We interviewed some of HBI’s employees who directly worked and talked to him. We asked for a few words to describe RSG as a person, leader, and a friend. Here were their answers:


“For me, Dad’s Legacy in HBI are compassion for his employees; various visionary technical innovations in construction, design, finance, etc.; and mindful, not mindless, tutok, dikit, and kulit

-Reggie Guevara, Chairman


“Sir RS is a man of passion, intelligence and astute yet very compassionate. He has a word of honor and always believe in fairness and dedication which I myself is an advocate. His vision for HBI is to become bigger and profitable so that he can share to the employees and shareholders.”

-Maricel Villanueva, HRD – Manager


“He has respect for employees and love for family. He’s very casual and generous to employees of HBI.  Sobrang hands on na chairman and always think that there is always a solution to a problem.“

-Philip John Edrosa, Sales and Documentation Manager


“RS is more on integrity kung may ginawa ka dapat panindigan mo and you should be responsible for your every action.”

-Christopher Java, Sales and Manpower Manager


“He is Fair and kind in treating his people.”

-Rowena Padilla, Property Management Manager


“Here are some words to describe Sir RSG: sharp mind, innovative, creative, fatherly, intelligent, and generous. I cannot forget the story Sir RSG kept on telling us about how fast the Empire State building was constructed. He told us that we can still improve our construction schedule since the Empire State building was built in 1 year and 45 days only! Sir RSG, thank you for inspiring me to always move forward and reminding us that there is always room for improvement and innovation.”

-Ar. Eric Mance, Planning & Design Head


“I am lucky to interact with RSG even in a short period of time. I didn’t witness his glorious days but for me, every second of talking to him means grateful. Having scolded everyday with the most striving person I know was an honor because I considered it as a lesson. Lagi nya sinasabi, “If you design Jengay, always, always think about the value for money”. Pinahanga ako ni RS, kasi ako, I have only one job, siya madami, naming a few were mathematics, accounting, financing, mechanics, physics, inventing & creating good people around him kasi mabait syang tao.”

-Ar. Jenggay Naungayan, Principal Architect


“Sir RS has a very creative and innovative mind. He would, most of the time, seek for new technologies, while also reimagining old/existing ways to come up with feasible work-arounds. I think that it was his way of thinking that created the Urban Loft Design. I have learned so many things from him. As he would, most of the time, mentor me on how I should approach/handle a given situation. He was direct and tough, but I appreciate his methods so much, that I can gladly say, I have developed and matured to a better person.”

-Engr. JP Oblina, Quantity Surveying & Contracts Admin Head


“Thank you for establishing HBI and for being passionate, supportive, generous & considerate leader for everyone…”

-HBI Accounting Department


If we work for it in the right ways, we can bring drastic goodness in the world and make a huge difference. RSG’s legacy will continue to be passed on through generations and will be a motivational tool to pursue his vision to provide Filipinos an affordable, practical, space-smart homes.

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