Live The Sweet Life! Introducing HBI’s Patented Urban Loft

November 9, 2018

by Tahna de Veyra from –

I have an American client who is currently based here in the Philippines. He lives with his family in a subdivision located in Pasig. When they first moved in, the area had a guarded gate. For some reason the gate now remains open and there’s no one guarding it. Worse, the government demolished a nearby settlement and the people who lost their homes are now squatting right outside the gate. This has left them feeling unsafe. They’re now looking for a new place, preferably somewhere near malls so they would not have to spend so much on Grab rides.

This is a familiar predicament for many people here in the Philippines, especially so for the locals. Unless you’re living in a gated community, the metro can feel unsafe. Many simply opt to move to quieter towns outside the city, but this means longer commutes. Several families also move to smaller cities outside the metro, because the homes there are more affordable. But then, the opportunities are found here in the big city. Consequently, many young professionals find themselves scrounging for rental places in the metro, as they are confronted by the realities of long commutes. It’s time-consuming, exhausting, and costly.

The best residential option remains to be the homes in upscale, gated communities located right in the heart of key cities in the metro. But they are so expensive, they remain to be options available only to people from high society.

It is no surprise that condominiums started to sprout up just about everywhere in the metro. There is a real need for comfortable, secure homes situated in key areas. Finally, people could afford to buy a home right in the heart of the city without burning through enormous amounts of money. The caveat is that these homeowners often have to compromise in terms of space. Condominiums have become notorious for being a little too small for comfort. Many homeowners have come up with ingenious design techniques to make the most out of their limited condo space, but the renovations are often pricey and not everyone has the knack for it.

A Complete Solution

A weekend ago, we got an exclusive invite to view the latest innovation by Honeycomb Builders, Inc.(HBI), a real estate developer known for pioneering space-smart condominium design in the Philippines. Patrick Bilog, Associate Vice President of Marketing for HBI, personally gave us a tour of their latest showroom. His excitement was apparent as he explained to us the latest upgrade to their patented RSG Loft design.

The patented RSG Loft design was developed by Reynaldo S. Guevara, owner and CEO of HBI. He wanted to provide homeowners with a more practical and functional housing option in the city.

Called Urban Loft, the Space-Smart Condominium Brand of Honeycomb Builders lets you have a two-bedroom unit at the price of a studio unit. Each area in the unit is well-delineated, so you have a clear separation between the living room, bathroom, kitchenette, and the two bedrooms on the mezzanine. The Urban Loft also boasts a 3.4-meter floor-to-ceiling height, which gives it a comfortable airy feel. The high ceiling also lets you use modern drop lights for better lighting and aesthetics.

Giving the concept of loft-style units an upgrade, they’ve integrated practical and space-saving features into the model. The Urban Lofts include a foldable kitchen nook, built-in cabinets, a multi-purpose table, a water-recycling sink in the bathroom, and an aircon duct system. The units also feature a half-stairs design that makes full use of the bare space above the kitchenette and bathroom.

The design is so well thought-out, it even laid out its balcony so you could still hang clothes without getting penalized for it. See, condominiums do not allow homeowners to hang clothes on the balcony because they become an eyesore. HBI found a workaround by designing the balcony’s railing, so it includes a hanging rod while concealing clothes from the outside.

In their efforts to make everything convenient for homeowners, the units even come with custom-fitted pieces of furniture upon turnover. The Urban Loft is already complete with a sofa, refrigerator, TV, and many others, so all you’ll have to do is pack your bags and move in! You won’t have to worry about costly interior design and the messy business of hauling heavy furniture.

HBI’s Urban Loft allows you to own a comfortable home in convenient locations at an affordable price. Truly, it’s a complete solution.

A Trusted Brand

The condominium industry is plagued with many horror stories of people being duped out of their hard-earned money. So beyond just looking for the most affordable and stylish units in the best locations, you also need to scour the market for the most trusted brands or developers.

Established in 1976, Honeycomb Builders, Inc. (HBI) has a proven track record of successfully delivering around 3,000 homes in more than 25 locations. A full-service real estate company, HBI banks on the business development experience of its mother company – Guevent Investments Development Corporation – which spans over half a decade of operations in various industries, including insurance, transportation, and real estate. HBI continues to harness its technical skills and expertise to tap into various housing technologies, as they ceaselessly aim for the optimal design to provide the best city living experience to homeowners.

Honeycomb Builders borrowed their name from the home of honeybees – nature’s master engineers, no less. Staying true to their name, HBI is committed to creating carefully crafted homes that allow city dwellers to live the sweet life.

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