Know the Basics: Smart Ways to Design your Small Condo Space

May 30, 2017

When you hear the words modern living, a picture that comes to mind is this: a condominium unit with chic interiors, smack dab in the middle of the city with a wonderful view of the urban landscape (see property options here) . There are many benefits to condo-living, and we’re not going to lie, the beauty of it sometimes comes in a small living space.

Space-Smart condo space

Having the limited space, does not mean you don’t get all the freedom. Here are different key points to remember to maximize your condo space to make your life easier – and stylish at that.

Plan ahead.

Understand your needs and assess your lifestyle. Determine how you want to use your space. If you’re a bachelor and you usually dine and hang out, do you really need a dining table? Or you could be a home-based worker, you might want to consider dedicating a space for a workstation. Target functionality and form comes after.

It is also wise to have a budget dedicated for home furnishings alone – a trip to the home department store can be surprisingly addicting. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Make things Multifunctional.

Just because you live in a small space doesn’t always mean you have to have small-sized furniture. Consider buying furniture that serve more than one purpose, say a convertible bed that turns into a sofa, or a coffee table that levels up into a dining table and can easily be folded to store when not in use. Unconventional storage is your best friend to keep the clutter away.

Choose the right colors

Sure, you may have your personal preferences when it comes to choosing colors, but it would also be nice to note of the following. If you want your space to feel light and airy – opt for cool colors like blue and grey. If you’re aiming for a cozy and comfy vibe go for tones like beige and white. If you want a no-brainer choice, you might also want to consider going monochromatic – simply by varying the shades of the same color, it can instantly add contrast, depth and life to your space.

Good lighting plays a very important role in your space. Let natural lighting in as much as possible, as they add a feeling of lightness and space to a room.

Invest in accessories

Your accessories make the difference between a living space and an ‘IG-worthy’ space. Investing in decorative pieces is where the spazz of personality can come into play. Invest in pieces that reflect your style taste or personality – Pinterest can be your best friend on this one.

multifunctional bed

As an added pro-tip: Choose items made from glass or reflective surfaces to reflect light and create the illusion of weightlessness in your space. You can also visually expand your space with a mirror.

Whether you are buying things, or pulling off your best DIY job to make your space feel like home – just make sure you are going to need and use those, or at least add an aesthetic benefit to your space. And most importantly, have fun while doing it – it’s your space after all!



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