August 4, 2020

Last March 15, Metro Manila was placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine which was later on extended to the whole country. Community lockdowns were strictly implemented, checkpoints and securities heightened and businesses started closing, causing lots of people to be stranded, make unwilling sacrifices and even worse, lose their jobs.


This crisis has been taking its toll not just in the Philippines but also in the whole world as hundreds of thousands starve, suffer and die.


These misfortunate happenings, as studies show, will last long and badly affects the country’s economy but they can never hinder the care and values good and privileged persons, companies and organizations to help especially the most affected citizens.


As companies begin to drastically shut down, Honeycomb Builders, Inc. is one of those that remain sturdy and privileged not just through being able to continue with its business but the fact that it also does ways to help and donate at the same time.


True to its core values, HBI is among the organizations to donate to the barangays in need of items needed to fight the virus specifically, thermal scanners.


The management has also been determined in giving assistance to its clients by providing extensions and considerations to those who are greatly affected by the pandemic and committed in delivering best and high quality services to its residents.


Considering its employees like family members, the company has been considerate by allowing them to work in the comforts of their homes, providing shuttle services to those needed to report for work at the office, distributing face masks, face shields and other protective gears and most importantly, reassuring them how the company will continue to help and support.


“I do not believe in prioritizing economics over lives. I believe in prioritizing lives by understanding how to protect the health of our workers and by giving income at the same time. And this is where I have seen the *malasakit* of many HBI employees — going to office for the sake of others and the company,” Amy Flourine Sy, president of Honeycomb Builder, Inc. stated on one of her Facebook posts.


“We do not know what will happen next week or the next month. What I know though is that we will ride through the rough seas and arrive the harbor safe and victorious together. Just keep yourselves safe please. “To all of you, I am deeply touched by your selflessness. HBI is truly blessed to have employees who have *malasakit*.”


And with these deep and touching words from the president, Honeycomb Builders, Inc. in spite of this global crisis, will continue to passionately do its best to serve its people, communities and the whole country.

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