Home, Sweet Honeycomb

August 11, 2016

It would be perfectly apt for Honeycomb Builders Inc (HBI) to name their real estate company after the dwelling place of busy little bees. After all, the hive is a respectable example of good structural engineering and economy of space.

HBI has perfected what it calls the small and fashionable boutique condominium, a living space that allows for full maximization of an area with its patented Loft Bedroom with half-stairs feature that utilizes the usually bare space above a unit’s bathroom and kitchenette. “This enables HBI to offer 1 and 2-bedroom units at the price of studio units from other developers,” shares HBI founder and president Reynaldo S. Guevarra

The price range is very competitive, given that all the projects are located in prime areas that are highly accessible to different modes of transportation, schools, markets, malls and churches. HBI has just completed its 160-unit 1- and 2-BR boutique condo project for singles, couples, young professionals and students along the main thoroughfare of Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard in Sta. Mesa, all units of which were priced at less than P2 million each. The 100-unit Rockfort Makati is almost at the corner of EDSA and only a 5-minute walk to Bonifacio Global City. Construction has also started on its 264-unit boutique condo project in Aguila Street (near Malacanang Palace) using the same patented Loft Bedroom with Half Stairs. “Why settle for a bare Studio Unit when you can get a Boutique 1-BR or 2-BR Unit?” Guevarra asks.

This is in keeping with the vision that Guevarra had when he started the company 38 years ago. He wanted to offer affordable homes for Filipinos. Now he has built thousands of homes based on the principles of safety, quality and aesthetic appeal to the senses, using innovative and pioneering ideas to achieve best value for the homeowner’s money, and the company continues to do so to this day, with projects that are located mostly in Metro Manila.

To reach the target market of middle-income earners, the company offers affordable downpayment options, payable over the period of construction with 0% interest. The balance is payable through a bank loan. There is also a low and flexible downpayment for ready-for-occupancy units with cash discounts for cash payments.

Guevarra says that HBI is concentrating on the middle income market and will continue to do so. “The concepts of ‘Boutique Condo’ and ‘Best Value for Your Money’ are more applicable to this particular market. This segment is becoming increasingly financially and fashionably sophisticated. They have a specific set of lifestyles that an affordable and fashionable boutique condo located very near their work place or school can answer. That is what we provide. HBI is a solution to both their lifestyle and budget requirements, Guevarra asserts.

While bee honeycombs are made with wax, HBI uses different materials, albeit also environment-friendly. Guevarra says, “HBI preserves existing old trees and transplants other trees whenever possible. It makes extensive use of steel and concrete. We opt for aluminum and composite products, along with mostly fire-resistant and termite-resistant materials.” He adds that they provide large windows and ample ventilation for their units, judiciously making use of air-wells and blowers, insulators and led lighting to provide comfort and light at least energy cost. Every unit has some form of water recycling in the bathrooms, and many HBI units also utilize energy-saving centralized airconditioning systems.

He likewise talks about the current property boom, and predicts an even bigger future for the industry. “Our overseas Filipino workers, as well as our locally employed citizens, have growing incomes for their families to buy houses here. At the same time, local banks are offering low interest rates for the balance of the purchase price. “With interest rates this low, this is the best time for the middle class to buy or invest,” Guevarra observes.

HBI provides an important role in helping keep prices at reasonable levels so they remain affordable. “With the increasing buying power of the middle income market, as long as the government is able to maintain peace and order and grow the economy, the property boom can be sustained,”  he says.

“HBI is a partner with the middle income segment to achieve their dreams of owning an affordable home that they can be proud of, without stressing on the traffic daily.”


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