March 20, 2020


In support with the war against COVID 19, Honeycomb Builders Inc. has been in full force in preventing the disease from spreading.


Months since the virus hit the country, HBI has been on high alert and becomes more vigilant and strict when it comes to implementing the rules and policies.


Everyday, HBI maintenance and staff can be seen cleaning all the common areas of every project, disinfecting all the possible spots where the virus might stay on.


Proper checking of body temperature and foot sanitizing are being done upon entry of the vicinity. Alcohols, sanitizers and other disinfectant tools are scattered and disseminated throughout the buildings.


Social distancing and wearing of face mask are also strictly observed. Quarantine  passes were equally given to the residents, in-line with the protocols of the national government in controlling the numbers of person getting in-and -out of their units or houses.


As to lessen the worries, HBI does not fail in providing clear and adequate supply of water and electricity in every project including the ones that are still currently under construction.  Maintenance men conduct an everyday checkup to prove and test that all the machines used are sanitized and in good condition.


HBI staffs, maintenance men and guards are also well- instructed and aware with all the dos and don’ts to apply.


Essential reminders and important announcements are being posted into the visible areas and sent thru e-mail or phone messages to keep the clients and residents updated all the time.


As the Enhanced Community Quarantines continues, different sorts of games and activities were and will be conducted to entertain the residents and make them feel the family culture and quality service as HBI’s commitment since day one.


Thanks to all the frontliners who continue to work away from their families and risk their own health to maintain an everyday healthy surrounding for our clients and residents.


Salute and we are all proud of your hard works!

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