Four Tips on How to Effectively Manage Your Time in College

March 28, 2017

It’s really important for college students to learn on how to manage their time. It’s not always good to rush things, to cram for the exams or reports because it only brings anxiety and stress. So to avoid  pressure, maybe it’s time to be more creative on how you can manage your time effectively. Here are some of the tips to help you manage time wisely.


Get a Planner

When you have a planner, you can easily organize all your activities in college. With this, you can set aside the unnecessary activities and only jot down the important things. You can write down important events or even the date that you will have to get your laundry. But make sure that you follow your schedule or everything will just be a “plan.”


Use a Calendar

A calendar is good way to remind you of the significant dates in your college life. It can be a paper calendar or you can also use your phone. With this, you will not forget about your exams, reports, presentations and your extracurricular activities. It will also give you fulfillment once you put mark on that date and you are able to accomplish it!


Set Time to Study

Yes, you have many classes and it’s important to give each class a study time. When you study day by day, it will not feel like you are bombarded with so many subjects. It will also help you prioritize the subjects which need more of your attention.


Get a place near your school

Sometimes, the travel time to and fro school could eat much of your time especially now that the traffic is miserable. So it is advisable for college students to live in a dorm or rent a condo. But it’s better to find a condo near school or at least just a walking distance to many types of transportation. Just like what RSG Sta.Mesa ResiDens is offering. This condo for rent in Sta.Mesa is a perfect place for you to save more time in traveling. It’s just a few steps away from LRT 2 Pureza Station, jeepneys, tricycles, taxis.  It is also near universities, hospitals and even commercial establishments.

Time management is a big help to finish things properly and on time. It’s always better not to cram so you still have more time to relax and enjoy your college life.

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