5 Useful hacks to Cut Down Monthly Expenses

June 20, 2017

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Here are some tips that we could all use to cut down on some of the unnecessary expenses which we seem to overlook every month. Even something as simple as refraining from your favorite store-bought drink will go a long way in saving money. Read down below to see all the practical tips on how reduce your monthly expenses.

Shop in thrift stores

You might think that the newly released Topman shirt or jacket is really essential for your OOTD, but it’s not. It may seem unpopular and uncool to go clothes-shopping in thrift stores but wait until you visit one. You will find a lot of unique unbranded pieces that will totally give you the same effect.

For as low as Php200.00 you can get yourself a really interesting and unique outfit that will make you stand out from the common-looking mass-produced outfits. Plus, it helps you cut down on your expenses.

Reconsider your transportation options

Owning a car or hiring your everyday Uber or Grab just piles up more expenses for maintenance and gas and other stuff.  Why not consider sharing a ride with a coworker to get to the office or maybe try the public transportation?

Carpooling not only helps you save money but it also helps save the environment. There will be lesser harmful gas for Mother Earth and more savings for you. Maybe you can also try gathering bunch of your friends and coworkers to carpool then set it up so that you can have a rotation on whose car will be used.

Replace bulbs with energy saving ones

Incandescent bulbs are just so archaic and out of style. What’s trending is going green and what better way to start doing it than replacing your home light source with LED bulbs

A 14-watt LED bulb gives as much or even more light than a regular 60-watt incandescent bulb, for way, way, way less electricity consumption. Wait for your next bill and be surprised with the huge change. Voila!

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Avoid those pricey drinks and food delivery

You may want to begin refraining yourself from your usual Frappucinno. Why not try brewing your own coffee at home and putting it in a flask. It’s more practical and it’s a whole lot healthier since those store-bought drinks probably have tons of preservatives and chemicals on them.

Ordering food is also so convenient now that most of the time we just click on an app and get some quick pizza fix. Try avoiding this and begin choosing to cook your own delicious and filling meals.

Go generic

Who really needs that Php100 bag of “Fresh and Organic Sea Salt?” You could probably survive with having some store-brand salt to put in your dishes. Most products have a store-brand counterpart and opting to buy those will help you save a lot of money. It may have a less premium feel but it’s all the same thing nonetheless.

Most of the time, it’s also just the packaging that makes us want to go for something pricier even though it’s basically the same thing. Just go past that initial judgement and try getting some off-brand items.

There are many more ways to cut-down your monthly expenses. You just need to be more critical on how you live your life, be simple and practical in many ways, and possibly, be more imaginative in doing things. Stay cool and always live a healthy life!

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