5 Things You Learn When Live Independently

May 21, 2017

Choosing to live life independently can possibly be the most adult thing there is. People who have been living alone know all too well that it’s not always about the ‘You-can-do–whatever-you-want-whenever-you-want’ kind of life. But it’s also about keeping in mind that liberty is also responsibility.

Are you planning to step into this new phase? We listed some of the few things that you will learn when you start to live on your own.

Financial Responsibility

While it’s true that you can do whatever you want with your hard-earned cash, living independently somehow changes you with the way you handle money.  It’s all about being practical when it comes to a person who’s still adjusting to the solo-dwelling life. You begin to think of long-term decisions rather than giving into the spur of the moments. Financial security is becoming a priority and therefore you begin to handle your finances responsibly. Your shopping habits change. You begin to memorize the grocery store aisles and you actually begin to gush over household items now—even more when they’re on sale! New clothes? Maybe next time. Discounts? Sales? Freebies? Rewards programs? Or maybe an excellent property investment? Sign us up!

Self Sufficiency

Living on your own teaches you to be a stronger and better person – most likely because you have to do things yourself to get things done. From preparing your own meals to making small house repairs, all the house chores, to a bit of self defense or two – you improve your overall quality of life all the same, and you get to save a LOT of money from it too.

Self Esteem and Confidence

The idea that no one is limiting you can be extremely empowering. Although it can bring an added pressure and challenge – you begin to see new doors to open, new paths to take and an exciting future. This inspires you to tackle things and push yourself to do better and sometimes without a choice because you’re all you’ve got. In the end, you gain a sense of accomplishment even from the most little things to which provides you a good energy boost. When you have confidence in yourself, it radiates with the people around you – and this gives them a reason to be confident in you too.

Becoming Dependable

Choosing to live the independent life lifts a burden for those who have supported you all throughout. Detaching yourself from co-dependence gives you a very strong sense of who you are and what you want out of life. You begin to fiercely trust yourself. And with this, people trust you to be there for them as you have for yourself. This improves your relationships with people overall giving a good impact on your social, mental and emotional health.

Personal Improvement and creativity:

Living alone gives you plenty of space and time for self-discovery. Use this to inspire you to create things or plan big like travelling to a new place or starting a small business from something you love – the possibilities are endless!

Mastering the art of independence is never easy, that is why it’s worth admiring people who have actually pulled it off. It’s something one must try at least once in their lives. It’s never always easy, there will be cracks and challenges that test you, but eventually you will look back upon those and be proud of yourself. Ultimately, living independently is about knowing who you are and being happy with yourself. Good luck!

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