10 Tips to Maximize and Improve your Condo Space

April 29, 2017

Congratulations on your new condo unit! You have now unlocked the badge of independence. You’re now living on your own terms, free from either your in-laws or your land lord. The next step is designing your condo to achieve the comfort level you need to excel in your daily tasks.

To help you get started, we’ve gathered 10 useful tips to help you maximize and improve your newly acquired space.


1. To save space, use wall-mounted swing arm lamps instead of floor lamps.

wall-mounted swing arm lamps


2. Use the back of the door for a hanging shelf. Just be sure that you install a door stopper to prevent it from banging the wall.

hanging shelf

3. Mount your ironing board in unutilized walls. This way it is easily accessible but does not add clutter to your space.

Mounted ironing board

4. Adding plants will not only give accent to your console table, it will also make the room look more refreshing.

Adding plants

5. Cover empty walls with a cork or chalk board to make it more functional. This is a quirky way of jutting down reminders, displaying photos, and expressing yourself.

cork or chalk board

6. Use light, muted colors to make your space feel cohesive, uniform and bright.

light and muted colors

7. Less is more. Excessive decors and furniture make your space look smaller. Getting rid of unnecessary items allows more mobility around the unit.

Less is more

8. Let the sunshine in. Make sure you maximize natural light in your condo. Avoid window treatments, and go for sheer or translucent shades to allow more light in your unit. Also make sure you clean the windows regularly.

Living room

9. Hanging a mirror makes a huge difference. Adding reflective surfaces creates an illusion of having a bigger space.

Hanging a mirror

10. Use furniture that also offers storage solutions. For example, ottomans can serve as a sofa and shoe storage at the same time.

storage furniture


Nothing beats the comfort of your own home. Creating an organized space can help you achieve the peace of mind you need after a tiring day at work.

So why spend a Friday night in a cafe when your can just chill at home watching Netflix with friends, right?

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