5 Things You Learn When Live Independently

May 21, 2017
Moving in

Choosing to live life independently can possibly be the most adult thing there is. People who have been living alone know all too well that it’s not always about the ‘You-can-do–whatever-you-want-whenever-you-want’ kind of life. But it’s also about keeping in mind that liberty is also responsibility. Are you planning to step into this new phase? […]

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10 Tips to Maximize and Improve your Condo Space

April 29, 2017
Living room

Congratulations on your new condo unit! You have now unlocked the badge of independence. You’re now living on your own terms, free from either your in-laws or your land lord. The next step is designing your condo to achieve the comfort level you need to excel in your daily tasks. To help you get started, […]

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Space-Smart Tips: Designing the Ideal Condo for College Students

April 5, 2017
Make A Condo an Ideal Place

One of the growing pains of parents is to introduce their children to the world of independent living. Finding a suitable place for them to grow their dreams can be challenging. Some can afford to buy an affordable condo for sale near schools, while some find it more convenient renting one. Whichever option one chooses, parents still have to ensure that their […]

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Reasons Why More and More Retirees are Opting for a Condo Living

January 13, 2017
retirees and condoliving

Photo courtesy of Condominiums have attracted many, among them are retirees who are tired of everyday chores – maintaining their old, traditional homes. Condo living is truly convenient for them because condos are generally located in a central location, which means, everything they need is just few steps away – very convenient. If you […]

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