About Us

Who we are

Honeycomb Builders, Inc. (HBI) is a real estate company that specializes in boutique condominiums and townhouses in Metro Manila and the suburbs.

Our name was borrowed from the home of the honeybees – nature’s master engineers – a fine specimen of compact architecture and aesthetics,
whose building principles also lend to ours. Like the bees, we create homes that are of good quality, with smart use of space and are appealing,
using innovative ideas that make life sweeter for our homeowners. Our story begins in 1976, when entrepreneur and US-educated physicist,
Reynaldo S. Guevara (RSG), decided to get in the business of building homes. His vision for HBI then was to offer affordable options to Filipinos
– a tiny seed of a dream that has now grown to a portfolio of almost 3,000 homes built and sold in more than 25 locations, just by the end of 2000.

But even with such a feat, it’s not simply a numbers game for Honeycomb Builders.  Contact us today to know more about HBI’s affordable and innovative properties.

Core Principles

In everything we do, we are guided by the following core values:


We believe in God-centric success. The glory is always God’s alone, and as stewards of His creations, we make it a point to help preserve His work in everything we do. We take care of His trees, nurturing and transplanting whenever possible. We take care of His workers by including chapels – places of worship and respite – in our physical offices. And we will continue to take care of His family by integrating prayer rooms in our future developments.


The son of industrialist Domingo M. Guevara, Sr. (Founder, Guevent Industrial and Development Corporation), RSG used to spend the summers of his youth working for his father’s company. It was then that he learned the importance of running a business with FAIRNESS and INTEGRITY, which continue to be at the core of HBI’s dealings today. As his father used to say, “Quality is remembered long after
the price is forgotten.”

The secret to our lasting success is our commitment to improvement and innovation. Honeycomb Builders pioneered the Space-Smart condo design in the Philippines. Our units come with patented* loft bedrooms and half-stairs features that utilize the usually bare space above the bathroom and kitchenette. Through this design, we are able to offer sweeter deals for our buyers. Imagine owning a 2-bedroom condo unit for the standard price of a studio unit.

We are constantly experimenting with and adopting various technologies to make sure our products continue to meet the evolving needs of Filipino homeowners.

*Our loft design was granted Philippine Utility Patent No. 22011000195 in 2011.


Our employees are our family. They are HBI’s best assets, and we prove our fairness and compassion to them by providing the right compensation, bonuses and incentives, and opportunities for growth. We treat our customers with the same respect. When they have a need or concern, we provide the best assistance. We prove our fairness to them by offering products that are priced right and that add real value to our clients’ lives. As a business, we are not focused solely on the profits. We put a premium on giving back to the people who make it happen.


We empower our employees to be leaders in their own right. Honeycomb’s culture is a culture of care, wholeness and greater purpose. We encourage open dialogue and facilitate avenues for constant improvement.


We build homes for people who are budget-conscious
but want to live the sweet life. We create living spaces

that satisfy and delight, and where innovation
and affordability come together.


Honeycomb Builders will become the Filipino’s
preferred real estate developer of affordable, good quality,
space-smart homes.